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GLS X166 (2015 - 2019) NTG 5.0

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Note! Select the correct NTG version from the parameters and add to cart. Instructions for identifying the NTG version can be found in the product description below. If you are not 100% sure of the correct version, send a picture of the car's FM radio screen to

SKU: EW-BNZCP ,   Delivery time: 5 - 12 tööpäeva
295,00 €

This device is a pure Android computer, GPS navigator and multimedia player in your car. All Google Play apps are supported, e.g. GoogleMap, Waze, Youtube, Spotify, etc. The device is compatible with all mobile phones.

Android 11 | Octa-Core PX5 Coretex A53 (2.0GHz / 64bit) | Bluetooth 5.0 hands free calls and music stream

SKU: ZFA8129 ,   Delivery time: 15 - 25 days
590,00 €